Monday, May 9, 2011

It MUST be going WELL...

...if I've stopped counting the months. That's each month passed, I was tuned into when we would come upon the 21st which is the date we got the boys. I felt like as each month passed, we were one month farther away from the "newness" of our family. And some how, I've stopped counting what month we are in. How long we have been home with the boys.

It truly...honestly...has gotten better...easier...has become more natural. It does just take some time to work out the dynamics, learn the personalities, adjust and blend. We have approached everything with such intention and God has rained down upon our family grace and mercy that has been needed to survive.

We are rounding the bend on 15 months home. It almost doesn't seem possible. There are days that have flown by and others that, well, to put it nicely have been slow and difficult. In the blink of an eye, we have watched our kids change and grow and mature. Both boys have grown so much. They look so much older and are losing the "little" boy look. The boys are growing so tall. Each one has grown about 6 inches in height and we have outgrown clothes that they barely wore.

I am amazed at who God is allowing our kids to become. Not just the boys, but the girls too have are such neat kids and it is a JOY to be with them each and every day. I see God drawing the kids to His own heart and placing a tenderness on each of them. Something we pray for each and every day. I praise God for His faithfulness. For His goodness. For His loving kindness. We are blessed. And He is GOOD.