Monday, September 20, 2010

before the judge

We stood before a judge today and promised to raise our boys just as if we had birthed them ourselves. This is the last final hoop for our adoption and it was sweet moment for our family. Special to have all of us dress up in "nice" clothes and it was too cute to have the boys wear ties for the first time (there is just something too cute about a little guy in a tie). It was special to have the girls be there for this part of the adoption process.

The judge shared what a special thing it is to have adoption hearings, but he also shared that this is a legal and binding agreement. Our boys are joint heirs with the girls. They will not be our "adopted sons" but they are our SONS. He asked if we believed if it was in the best interest of the boys to be part of our family. He asked if we were financially and emotionally able to care for them. And then he asked the girls if our world has changed since the boys came home (um...yeah...our world has changed and it has been a blessing).

We are blessed. We are grateful. We are a family of 6.
Our family with our attorney George. What a blessing for him to "help us out" (read...HERE).

Even Papa was able to be there to be part of our celebration.

Like I said...something too cute about little boys in a tie.



We love our sweet peas...


  1. Yay!! What a special day!! They are so cute!! Love the ties!

  2. What an exciting great day for you all. Thanks for sharing it via the pictures. Congratulations and we are so happy for you all. Yes, the boys look cute in ties. Fun to have a special occasion to dress up.

  3. Wonderful!!! I can't wait to be at that place. We're just beginning the process... Congratulations! The boys looks amazing! So do your girls. :-)

  4. Congrats on officially adopting your boys! They are adorable in their ties! :)

  5. First of all.....CUTEST pics of the boys!! And secondly.....what a great day for your family! Congratulations! Of course, I still don't know why we need to re-adopt, and I still haven't even started the process, and we've been home longer than you! AAAAAH!

  6. Those are wonderful pictures of your special day! I'm so happy for you all!