Monday, March 7, 2011

Post Placement Photos

As per the requirements for the post placement reports that are required by the Ethiopian adoption system, we must send in about 10 pictures of each of the boys. There are different requirements, like a close up of their face, a full body shot, a picture of the whole family together. And as easy as this sounds, it is a bit more difficult for some kids than for others.

I was digging through some old files on my computer of pictures of the kids and realized, I have TONS of pictures of Tate, but very few of them are very good. Each time I have to send my pictures in for our post placement report, I feel like I am scrambling for some good pictures.

You see, Tate is the KING of picture sabotage. He completely shuts down for most pictures. I have spent months trying to figure it out...why are pictures so hard for him. Well...all I can figure is that one of the first times he had his photo taken was for his relinquishment paperwork. And honestly, that must have been such a difficult and terrifying time for him.

So...I try to capture him when I can, but I wanted to include these pictures on the blog here to show how far we have come. He still shuts down a lot for pictures, but we have gotten a few smiles out of him.
I think these were for the boy's 6 month post placement report. We are long gone past that one, in fact, we have now made it past the ONE YEAR mark and had our first GOTCHA Day (even if we were all sick, we still celebrated in our hearts).

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  1. Both boys are so handsome!! They have great smiles too. What JOY!