Friday, September 2, 2011

Ebbs and Flows

I've been reminded lately that there are ebbs and flows of life. Sometimes are good and others, well...not so good. And why is it that when life is all peaches and cream, we just aren't as quick to be on our knees before the Father seeking all of our strength from Him each day? Maybe that is why God brings us those difficult times, to remind us to be ever so close to Him and cling to the truths in His word.

I have desired to not paint an unrealistic picture of adoption but at the same time, not let this blog be a place to unload all my discouraged feelings. Ah...BALANCE. Where we should be. Somewhere in the middle, not swinging from extreme to extreme.

We have been focusing on one verse each week and writing it on our chalk board and memorizing it as a family. Hiding God's word in our hearts. Being purposeful in what we talk about at the table and encouraging our kids to live in a way that is against the grain.

I have also been praying a LOT about what to share when I lead a breakout session at Created for Care retreat in Jan. Spending a lot of time really seeking God's heart and pouring over the scriptures to know what He longs for us to know.

I kind of think these few steps toward a deeper walk with God has put our family back in the line of battle. Satan and his workers are working hard at discouragement and finding our weaknesses and bringing some hard times to our family (ah...hem...the Ebbs and Flows).

And in the struggles...I have had to live what I share with others. I have had to cling to the truths of God's word when all else seems loss. I have had to pray back through the names of God and remind myself all that I know about who God is and how He works. I have had to choose joy and count my blessings. I have had to be patient when the flesh inside of me wanted to lash out in frustration. I have had to rely on God for every ounce of strength when I felt entirely too weak.

As I have said many times's hard, but not impossible. Because with God...ALL things are possible.


  1. Cris - thank you for your honesty! I am so blessed to call you my friend. cannot wait to hear what God leads to talk say at C4C! BTW - Alle and I are doing sooooo good (still have our "moments", but they are fewer and fewer). thank you for all your advice, and for just listening. Hugs from here - we are praying for you all.

  2. Love this, Cris! And I am signed up for your breakout session at C4C! I can't wait to hear what the Lord gives you to share with us!!! So thankful there are precious moms like you to share your God-given wisdom, advice and tips!

  3. Bless you for your honesty, your perseverance, your patience, your determination to do what is right, and constance reliance on the Spirit of God. The rewards will come some day - in glory if not here on earth.

  4. What a beautiful post sharing your heart. God will honor your desire to live what you preach! Thanks for sharing. God is growing you and blessing so many others in the process.
    Love you!!!

  5. Just so you know I awarded you (along with others) the "Versatile Blog award" on my blog.
    Play along if you would like, but feel more than free not too (no preasuer) Just wanted you to feel a little honored and that I love your blog AND you were the one who inspired me to start blogging in the first place.
    Love you sister.
    Blessings, Susan