Thursday, October 6, 2011

Has it really been over a month?

How in the world did this last month just fly by? Time is just going faster and faster. Once school started, we have been in the whirlwind of life. Every night is busy with some kind of practice or small group or activity and each week just disappears before I can get a blog post written and posted.

So...random update...the boys are doing soccer this fall. It is a huge highlight for our family and it is kind of sad to see the season almost over. Tyson has done really well playing on the next level up (playing with the 6-7yo). It has been a learning experience to say the least. Learning to play against stronger teams and kids that don't always "play nice". He is learning to find confidence even when his team doesn't win. He loves to play and we find so much joy in watching him on the field.

Tate...well...each week is hit or miss. Some weeks he wants to play and others he doesn't. I think it is just part of being 3. It is just about the cutest thing to watch him run and get a goal. He isn't as crazy about all the cheering and recognition.

Both girls are preparing for a karate tournament. They will participate in katas and sparring. They have now earned their blue belts and keep pressing ahead and still love this sport. It has now been over 18 months of karate and they love it more and more.

The girls are also both attending school 2 days a week. It was a little change from our original plan but Tristen decided she too wanted to give it a try. They are doing great and loving it. Wish we were just a little closer as the 45+ min drive isn't our favorite part.

The fall proves to be a hard season for Tyson and we are learning how to help him the best way that we can. I believe it is an anniversary of the relinquishment and there is still much to process in his feelings. He has come so far and is doing really well, but healing hurts for all those involved.

I was able to attend the Empowered to Connect Conference here this fall and it was fantastic. An event that ALL parents should be required to attend. I learned so much and I am praying that God will help me remember it when we are in the thick of the difficult times. Education is one of the MOST important things you can do as the adoptive parent. And this conference is well worth the time and energy it takes.

I sooooo wish I had the time and energy to keep the blog updated more. But for some reason, I am one busy mom. =) Until next time.

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  1. New here, but just wanted to say that you have a beautiful family!