Friday, April 23, 2010

Minus 2

Tyce loves to write. Each day during rest time he writes letters and notes and copies words. Then he gives them to me and I get to figure out what he has written. Once he gave each of the girls a piece of paper with their name on it (it was too cute). He acted all shy and tentative. He has learned to write his name and he can write mom and dad from memory. The photo album that we sent him includes pictures of all of us with a label for each picture. This is where he has learned to spell most of these words.

One day he gave me this post-it.

And as I read it...tears (the happy - melt - your - heart - kind ) just flowed down my cheeks. He found a poster in the garage from one of our yard sales.

If you can't read it, it says


We said yes to the call to change the world for 2 little guys. Their world will never be the same.

And neither will ours.

There are 2 less orphans in the world.

5 million

minus 2.


  1. w.o.w. that's all i can say on that one...

  2. What a precious little guy. Beautiful!

  3. Oh my word! PRECIOUS! This will mean so much to him (and all of us!) as he gets older. Thank you, Chuck and Cris, for obeying God's call on your life to stretch our lives by bringing these boys to your home.

  4. A great picture of Tyce holding the post it with his writing. It could be turned into another poster. LOVE this!! What a great son.

  5. oh, hurt me..that is the sweetest boy, kj

  6. the post he holds speaks volumes! from the mouth (or words) of babes, huh!

    we too are preparing to adopt from Eth. : )

  7. That is too sweet. So glad you could change 2 little lives forever.

  8. Oh so sweet!
    It's amazing you just changed they're lives
    for them. It makes me want to cry those happy tears! ;)

  9. how sweet! can't wait to meet those two someday.

  10. AHHHH. Now I have tears!