Friday, April 23, 2010

Adoption Travel Journal day 7 - Feb. 26, 2010

It is our final day here in Ethiopia. I have always wanted to come to Africa and now it is time for us to leave with 2 fantastic treasures. We are so excited to be going home yet....we are absolutely exhausted. So very VERY VERY tired. Someone had told us how tired we would be, but I am not sure I had realistic expectations for how tired we would be.

Today we need to pack up our things and sort what we are taking home and what we will decide to leave here and give to HH as extra donations. We spent some time in our room cleaning up and packing. The boys have been able to find things to do and have really enjoyed the toys we brought. Almost each and every toy has been a hit. We were both amazed to watch Abush kick the ball around the hotel room and make his own game. He would kick the ball right to his target and knock down these little boxes of medicine almost every time. Then he goes back and sets them up for the next turn. Fascinating to watch these kiddos play.

We were able to send a quick email home to ask all of our prayer support to keep praying for us. We are feeling like there isn't anything left in us to give in order to make it home. I (cris) am feeling sick with typical orphan cold sickness (sure I picked it up from all the runny noses that the kids have). And Fikadu is still so uncomfortable with the itchy scabies. We are feeling at the end of our rope.

We did get a nap in and were able to rest before we had to check out of the hotel. Our flight isn't until almost midnight but we have to check out at 4:00PM. Once we checked out, we felt very uncomfortable hanging around the hotel for those extra hours. Just awkward for all of us milling around the lobby.
Saying good bye to some friends from HH.

We got to the airport and found a HUGE line to get in the door. Mobs of people everywhere. Kids were tired. We were tired. As we waited in line to go through security, we watched the electricity go out for awhile. Yep...third world country for ya.

After checking in and going through the proper lines, it was about midnight. Fikadu was falling apart. Crying, itching, moaning...I thought he was going to have the full melt down right there at the airport. Somehow...he didn't (thank you Lord).

Each of our flights were LONG and we reached a new level of tired. By the time we went from Addis, to Sudan, to Amsterdam to Detroit to home....we had been up for over 48 hours. The kids did pretty well one each flight. Minimal crying...a few fits...but we made it.

Going through customs in Detroit took a bit of time, but was really quite easy. The boys handled the crowds and lines and travel better than our natural born children would have. Think about it...we had only been with them a few days and then to experience all of these sensory overloads. God's grace was sufficient.

We had a little longer lay over in Detroit, due to some snow. We explored around and called home to the girls. It was soooooooo great to talk to them and know that we were just a few hours from being home. Then...we got some food. We were so hungry and ended up eating McDonald's. The boys enjoyed french fries and chicken nuggets. It was so fun to watch Fikadu explore all these new things. In one day, he rode his first elevator, people mover, airplane ride and ate his first ice cream. And when we told him we were in America, his expression was priceless.Here is Abush playing his "transfer" game. He spent an hour passing these papers back and forth with Daddy. We had to sit for awhile as we waited for the plane to de-ice.

Oh it is so good to be home. To sleep in your own beds. To be with your whole family. To eat your own food. Our first few days home were spent with resting and getting to know each other. And...lots of resting.

I've shared before about our airport meeting with our friends and family. It was AMAZING. You can read about it here and here.

I have been wanting to get these travel journals here on the blog (which I will turn into a book for the boys). SO SORRY it has taken me so long to get these on here. Been busy !!! But I should be back up to some regular blogging here soon.

Dear Sweet Peas, So grateful we were able to travel home safe and sound to bring you to America. You were both such great travelers. I know the trip was long so glad we are home. Love, Mom


  1. Again, you guys were great troopers. And God's grace was great too! So fun to spend some time with you when you first got home and debrief about your trip, so thankful for that great day together. How have the bins of clothes been? Hopefully there were some things you could use. I am sure they are growing fast.

  2. I've loved reading about your whole experience. And to look at these first days, then peek over at the family blog to see these American Boys on field trip with their sisters, after such a short time, is wonderful. God has blessed, just like we prayed.