Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gather together

Had a great time with some local families who are in the adoption world. I've shared before how important it is to find a group of other families that can understand your situation. Adoptive families not only share your passion and heart beat for orphans, they can relate. Relate to the difficult times of waiting, adjusting, parenting new additions...they can understand and be the support that you need.We have only gotten together a few times here in town but we already have about 15-20 families that are part of our group. Some of these families are just investigating adoption to see if it is right for them.

I loved to walk past groups of people and here bits and pieces of how they came to have a heart for adoption. Makes me smile.

We actually started to get rained out on this afternoon. It hasn't rained in weeks here and of course, the one day we have an outdoor party planned, it opens up and pours.

I think everyone was glad to have the sun come back out and shine down so the kids could play in the water.

Chuck was such a good man to stand and work the grill the whole time. When you are making 75 hot dogs, it takes awhile.

I loved watching these 3 boys play. Tyce has been longing for friends and this was so special for him to have fun with some new buddies.

Tate seemed happy enough as long as he had food with ketchup. He is doing better with larger crowds of people and seems to be able to handle short doses of stimulation.

We are also part of an African Fellowship in our larger city and have really enjoyed the fellowship there. This group here in our little town is not country specific, we have Ethiopian, South Korea, Nepal, domestic...all are welcome. Red and yellow, black and white...all precious in His sight.

I snapped these from the deck up high. Love that it shows we can host about 60 people and it doesn't feel too crowded. Guess that big yard is worth it. =)

Now...I'm just not sure where we will host all these families when the weather turns cool and we need to be indoors. But for now...I'm so glad we were able to gather together.


  1. Thanks for the pictures. What a wonderful gathering! Jesus loves the little children - all the children of the world!

  2. That's so cool--love hearing about connected groups of people. :) And, wow, that looks like a FUN water slide!

  3. we had fun and appreciate you guys hosting it this time. i will help plan one after Jamie.

  4. Once again I find myself SO jealous of the adoption community that you're surrounded by. It looks like a great party!

    Thanks SO much for the time on the phone the other day. You can't imagine how much it encouraged me. Been praying for you~

  5. Your yard looks great! I'm so glad things are going well for you and that you have the opportunity to bless others through your experiences.

  6. That looks amazing, and your hard is fabulously HUGE!!!!! :o)