Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's been 5 months...some CUTE pics...and how to make injera has officially been 5 months. And we are turning in our 6 month post placement report to our agency (that way it has time to make it to Ethiopia by the 6 month anniversary of our Embassy date). Our world is slowly becoming more and more normal. Now, our new normal is not the same as the old normal, but we are getting used to it. I like to share updates, not only for those following, but for my own records so I can see how far we have come.

Things that are
different around here:

  • Tyce has learned to ride a bike without his training wheels. Yep...this kids amazes me EVERY DAY. First time, first try he did it (and he is trying to pop wheelies too - he's 4).
  • We are looking at a little simple program for Tyce to be part of this fall. Like a preschool or a mom's morning out. Just a simple something that will allow me to continue home educating and gives him a little opportunity for friend time.
  • Tate is fully potty trained (almost at night too). He was by the time he turned 2 last month. And that kid LOVES his undies.
  • Chuck has moved back to his own bed and Tyce is sleeping on his own. I am just a few feet away, but a little space seems to be a good thing for now.
  • We are filling out and filing papers for our re-adoption process here in the states. (Just a formality that is required due to the visa that the boys came home on...they have legally been part of our family since Jan).
  • I have started a small (in our town) adoption support group for families and a mom's night out. It has been a blessing for me and hopefully for others.
  • Both boys continue to explode in their language. And to add to it...are both signing a lot too.
  • I switched the car seats around in our van. I need to have Tyce a little closer to mama bear so he keeps up with the good behavior.
  • Tate will now fall asleep on his little mat on the floor as I sit next to him. He doesn't require being held the whole time.
  • I have now learned to cut both boys' hair. I went with shorter hair for Tyce for the summer to keep him cool, but as soon as I cut it...I regretted it. I LOVED the twists. They will be making an appearance this fall.
  • There are times that Tate can resist the tantrum and snap out of his fit. Not all that often, but we have seen it a few times.
  • Sometimes, instead of a tantrum, Tate will sulk on the floor with his head down, until he gets over it. (I think that is HUGE progression).

Things that are the
same around here:

  • Tate still doesn't go to any class or nursery at church. He sits with us.
  • Tate still rides in the sling every day. He still loves to be held.
  • Both boys still visit the time out spot often. I sit a few feet away until they are ready to talk and do what's right.
  • I still hold and snuggle both boys each night for tuck ins. If I am out for the evening, I go after I put them down.
  • Tate and I are still co-sleeping in the same room. Baby steps to transition.
  • Both boys still don't like to be "parented". To go from "free range" to a structured family is still hard for them.
  • Both boys also don't enjoy when they don't get their way. Um...just like any child.
  • Chuck and I have not left them yet (accept after they were asleep for the night) with anyone else. Grammy and Papa have come to play with them at our home (while I was teaching a class upstairs) but we have continued to be the sole care takers for them.

OK, so that is a little bit of our update. Things continue to go well. Each day has challenges. But each day is still filled with many blessings. The girls are continuing to adjust well and fit into their new roles as big sister's to brothers. The boys clearly see us as their family and continue to stay close to us and not look for attention from others. God's blessings and grace has been evident in our family.

So...on to some pics. I had to gather all of my photos to turn in for our report. It is soooooo hard to get a picture of Tate looking at the camera, let alone, one of him smiling. But, here are a few recent pics. These boys are growing up right before my eyes. are adorable.

And now for how to make injera. My very dear friend of many years brought home 3 Ethiopian kids last year and she has perfected how to make injera. Check out her blog HERE. And please pray for their daughter who is fighting a parasite infection that has her hospitalized. And speaking of prayer, I am praying for a few friends who leave this week to head on over to Africa and am praying for another family that had to put their trip on hold due to an Embassy orphan investigation. Praying lots and lots for these families each day.

Dear Sweet Peas,

I thank God each and every day that He allowed me to be the mama to raise you and teach you about Him. You have brought our family joy and blessings each and every day.

Love, Mom


  1. Cris, this is great! I love reading about your life and knowing you are a just a few months ahead of us. It looks like you are all doing great!! You are doing such a great job with your family - all by the grace of God!

  2. Wow...Tate looks especially grown up...they ARE changing each and every day!! Growing big and strong and getting their hearts filled with all your love and care.

  3. Great info and pix. I had to look twice at the first picture of Tate. He looked so much like Tyce!

  4. Thats awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tell Ty that try to jump with the bike, it's easier to do a weely. Hope you guys are all doing great!

  5. I really thought that the first photo was of Tyce; Tate looks older than two in both of his pictures as he looks so healthy and happy. I especially like Tyce's last photo ~ looks like he's ready to visit his first ball game. Handsome boys! I enjoy reading your updates.

  6. The pics are great Cris. The boys are beautiful! It's so important for you and for them to document the progress, and there's been lots! I'll be interested to see if you find a little program for Tyce. I hope something works out!