Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dedication to the LORD

We had our parent child dedication on Sunday. It was an opportunity for our family to stand before our church family and share that we desire to raise our boys in a home that glorifies God. We met with our pastor earlier in the week and were able to share more about our adoption story and how God led us to our sweet peas. It was also a good reminder that these sweet children that God has allowed us to parent, really belong to Him. All of our kids are God's and we just get the blessing of being the earthy mom and dad.

As part of the dedication, they share the boys' names and meanings and pick a verse that is appropriate.

Tyson - means one who is fiery or name for our explosive little guy. The director at the orphanage said he was a monsoon.

Fikadu - the name his birth mom gave him - means God's will.

We are praying that it is God's desire and will for his life that Tyson will be an explosion for the Kingdom of heaven.

Tatum - means joyful or one who brings cheer...again...perfect. Having Tate as part of our family brings much joy and blessings.

Abush - the name his birth mom gave him - means baby boy. A common name you give babies when they are first born in Ethiopia.

We are so grateful for this baby boy that God has brought into our life. He truly has brought more joy into our home.

Thank you LORD for bringing our boys into our lives and blessing us with these precious children.


  1. I'm glad we can all be a little part of your journey. What a special, blessed day.

  2. What a beautiful experience for your family!

  3. What a wonderful day!!! You all look amazing in the pictures, very happy! What a special day to celebrate your new additions! A blessing from God! Does Tally look taller than you? Wow, how she has grown. That girl out-ta be playing basketball!!!