Wednesday, October 13, 2010

one of the reasons I DON'T cut their hair

Aside from being cute...I mean REALLY...those curls are just adorable. One of the main reasons I don't cut their hair is traumatic. The boys were old enough that they remember when they were brought to the orphanage and had their hair cut (actually, shaved). Almost all of the kids get their head shaved when they enter the orphan system. Ring worm is very common and it is easy to detect if it is on their scalp when their hair is shaved.

I have trimmed Tate's hair 2 times but the last time I got out the scissors to give it a little trim, he was so emotionally upset, I just put the comb and scissors away. Here are some pics of their first hair cuts here at home.

You can tell how upset he is. He cried the whole time. And it just isn't worth it right now, so we will grow the hair nice and BIG. is really cute when it is cut a little shorter. Oh...such big eyes our little one has. Couldn't you just eat him up???

Actually Tyce doesn't want his hair cut either. He likes big hair. He has tighter curls and it is really easy and fun to style his hair in twists. I have only cut his hair once and I regretted it as soon as I did it. One of the only hard parts of long hair is how much hair product it takes to keep it moisturized.
I might encourage any adoptive mamas out there to consider that the hair cut might trigger a negative memory for your little ones. I'm not advocating you grow it long, but consider clippers could cause some trauma. A little lolly pop and lots of hugs from mom might help soothe in the situation.


  1. Isn't that funny, and so sad too, how certain things trigger certain things? Good for you to be flexible and "in tune" to how they react to certain things. They do look cute.

  2. Oh Cris your boys are too adorable!! Both of them have beautiful eyes that just melt my heart!!! You are so wise to be on the look out for triggers and knowing when to just go with what works for them at this point in the journey. Kuddos to you!!

  3. Wise words from a wise momma! You are doing such a wonderful job! I always enjoy catching up with you in blog-world.

  4. I would not have thought of this - at least, not until he tears started. I think very infrequent haircuts sounds like a good idea for a while - like a year or 2. Take you time, they are so cute whatever length their hair is.