Saturday, November 6, 2010

keeping their culture alive

I am determined to keep the Ethiopian culture alive with our boys. I am always hunting for ways that we can include parts of the culture, history, language, customs, food, music...anything that helps them keep their roots.

Wanted to pass on some ideas that I have come up with that help with this. For starters our boys have lost their native language (actually English is their 3rd language). So I have hunted for some things that will help them learn Amharic. Found this blog/site here that has basic words that we can learn.

Here is a favorite music cd that we found via another adoptive mom. It is one of our favorites. The price fluctuates so watch when it goes down. It is hard to find so it can be a bit pricey.

We have done lots of research on the typical Ethiopian holidays and celebrations. As the Christmas season approaches, here is one way the people celebrate Timket.

We ordered some books from Amharic Kids. Great books for every Ethiopian adoptive family. Journey to Ethiopia is a good story book that helps kids understand more about Ethiopia as a country and the people who live there (simple pictures but good for kids). Tsion's Life is a fantastic book about what is it like to live in Addis. I wish there was a book like this about the country/rural life in Ethiopia. We also ordered a map and some other books from the Amharic Kids site.

I am still hunting for a site that can teach me about making some traditional Ethiopian clothing. I figured I can make some for the kids. I'd love to have some for when we celebrate the holidays. Until then, I found you can order from this store.

The girls just presented a display at a geography fair all about Ethiopia. I'll post pics soon. It was so neat to read and soak up all the history we could about Ethiopia. It will be easier to share with the boys what we know and have learned as we have come to really appreciate the culture, customs and history.


  1. Great post!!! Your boys will appreciate your attention to their heritage/culture being a positive integration into your family. Very neat.

    (did you get my email about my personal blog? This reminds me of that).

  2. Chris,
    Thanks so much for this post. It is chalked full of great resources. I ordered the CD a few weeks ago and have it waiting in Justus' room. I bookmarked this post so I can refer back when he's home. Thanks again, Melanie
    waiting to meet Justus (4)

  3. Thanks for all the great links.

  4. You are making a great start. It is cool to see the culture of Ethiopia become woven into your home and family.

  5. Thanks for this post--I will definitely be checking out these resources! :)

  6. Good for you to be so intentional. It's a great way to help broaden the girl's world view too.