Tuesday, November 9, 2010

only a few months late...Tate's birthday pictures

It seems like it was yesterday that we celebrated Tate's birthday. But...it was several months ago. And I am just now getting these pictures up. It is almost therapeutic to sit and look at these pictures. To see how much our little ones have grown. They are changing right before my very eyes.
We really did have a good time at his little party. It was a great time with just a few families who also have little ones born in other countries.

Something I have noticed since then...Tate is coming out of his shell around others. Just the other day, some friends mentioned how much their kids are enjoying Tate. He is feeling more comfortable around our friends and family and they are getting to know our little man.

These pictures also remind me...how much I would really like a new camera. My little point and shoot has official died and now I have NO camera to capture life with. These shots were all from a few friends. Man...they take some good shots.

Aside from dripping wet faces...these are some of my favorite pictures we have of Tate. It is best to capture him from afar, rather than ask him to smile for the camera.
Tate tends to be a bit more serious in his personality than Adu. He is such a little lovey one...saying "muah" as he leans in for a kiss. He talks nonstop and is still using his "special" language of his made up jibbery words. He is learning to play really well with toys and I hear him pretending as he plays. Our favorite thing he does these days...prays. It's like he is IN THE SPIRIT. =) Jibbering with a few understandable words (like mama or daddy) and then says "amen".

He has the squishiest skin and the most beautiful curls on his head. I love his big brown eyes and how he sticks out his tongue when he is concentrating on something. It is hard to resist squeezing his rolly belly and pinching his little tushy. Seriously...he is a CUTIE. It will be an absolute honor to watch him grow.

Oh...how we love you Tate...grateful for you in our lives.


  1. LOVE all the pictures! and Tate was LOVIN' that cupcake :-)

  2. These pictures are so precious. What A great day of celebration!

    I know what you mean about the camera. You are someone who clicks pretty frequently, so you must feel a bit crippled.

  3. LOVE those pics....and such a sweet bit of "crack"...he he he...

    I tell you what- that face that face is sooo sweeet!!!

  4. Such a beautiful boy! Happy (retroactive) Birthday little guy!

  5. He really is coming out of his shell! Such a cutie. I've got some jeans for him that I will drop by sometime. We can't seem to stay in one size very long!

  6. Love all the pictures. I am sure you are enjoying your new camera now....love the pictures on your family blog. Thankful with you for the encouragements and even the hard, but good times. God is working and healing and blessing! You are a great mama to your precious family.