Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I've been processing...

Adoption is a LOT to process both for the children, the birth family and the adoptive family. It was important for me to spend some time privately processing the different emotions and thoughts that have been running through my mind.

There isn't a day that I don't thank God from the bottom of my heart for bringing ALL of our children into our home and family. I have seen perfectly how God knew that we would be the best ones to raise our children.

I have been almost overwhelmed with emotion and feelings of where our boys came from. The extreme poverty is almost more than I can comprehend. We need to be realistic and accept that our boys "had a life" before they came home to us. A life that they lived, full of memories (both good and bad), family members, friends, traditions, experiences...all that we know very little of.

November was a hard month for us. We experienced a few "firsts" in our home and had a few changes around here that added up to a difficult month. November is also the month that the boys moved to their orphanage/transition home. Adopted children will often remember the "anniversary" of their traumatic events and process some of the feelings that come from their memories. It has all been good...but hard.

We've had really good break throughs and we've been able to get a little deeper and help Tyson work through some of his feelings and thoughts. God has been gracious and given him a tremendous ability to share what he is really feeling. And because of that, we have been able to help him work through a few of his fears and concerns.

Like I said...a LOT has happened in the past few weeks. Thank you to our friends and family that have faithfully prayed for us. We are so grateful and thankful for the continued support. And just think...it was just a year ago that God provided our financial needs to accept the referral of our boys. Feel free to visit those blog posts for some encouragement and to be reminded of God's faithfulness.


  1. I'm not sure why but I so cherish the revelations of all of my adopted children's memories and experiences. I suppose it is because they made the children who are are. And I find myself loving their relatives - even the ones who were weak and flawed....because they are related to the ones I love. It was a surprise to me that my children's experiences would open up windows for me, that their families would become my family.

  2. Appreciate your honesty and vulnerability!

  3. So glad to see you back! Will keep praying!

  4. Crispy you are a great Mom! Love all the pictures!