Sunday, March 7, 2010

More airport grateful for this precious moment

I love how these pictures show Tissy's emotions as she meets her new brothers for the first time. Notice the expression on her face.

Here one of the Ethiopian airport workers came to talk to Tyson Fikadu in Amharic. The only trouble is, that is not his native language since the boys are from the Southern region of Ethiopia. But it is touching just the same.

Did I mention that all these families and kid waited while our plane was delayed. It was so sweet of them all to wait just to welcome us home. We live in an unusual area. The people here have such a heart for adoption. We are so blessed.

Since I am making the blog to turn into a book for the boys, I wanted to include as many photos as I could. I want them to see the love and joy that waited for them as we came home.

Dear Sweet Peas,

Though you were too tired and too little to fully understand, I hope someday you will comprehend the love that waited for you here at home.

Love, Mom


  1. Love all the pictures and it was even more emotional to experience in person. Your girl's reactions were so beautiful...filled with love for their parents and their new brothers. Simply beautiful.