Monday, June 20, 2011

easter (I know it was like 3 months ago)

A lot has happened here in our home in the last few months and as I said before, we are just getting around to catching our breath. So...with out further hesitation...EASTER 2011.

So...with that had been going on around here...I just hadn't gotten around to making sure we had Easter baskets and outfit to wear to church. So the night before Easter at about 9:30pm, I found myself at the local Target with all of the other desperate moms trying to pull it all together. I ended up finding something new for everyone to wear on Sunday morning (Tristen had reminded me that the girls wore the same outfits 2 years in a row).

New clothes around here are a big treat. We get a lot of hand me downs and something new with the tag from the store (not goodwill) is special. We are thankful for all those families that pass on their clothes to us.

Easter is the first holiday that the boys remember celebrating here in America. I remember trying to explain that we put plastic eggs in the yard and they have to hunt for them. Actually, once you explain most of the holidays, they sound really odd. I have a feeling Easter will always be a very special holiday for our family.

Easter was the ending of LENT. We spent the season of Lent sacrificing something very small as a reminder of all the Christ gave for us. We gave up meat as a family (harder than I thought it would be) and I also gave up facebook (actually pretty easy to give up).


  1. I am glad to see you back! I have always checked for updates and love to see the progress your family is making.


  2. Great pictures....everyone looks so big!