Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finding Support

I have share many times how important it is to find a group of people to do life with, to support each other, to strengthen one another. A cord of three strands in not easily broken.

We have reached out to other adoptive families to offer and receive support and encouragement. These are families that understand the highs and lows. The struggles and the joys. I try gather this group together every month or so to fellowship and foster connections.

Our group is full of families that have children from all over the world. Ethiopia, Nepal, Korea, Haiti, Domestic, Russia...all precious in His sight.
We had a great time at a friend's family farm for a hay ride and egg hunt for Easter. The kids LOVED coloring the eggs. A highlight for them.

Precious families...all who have grown their family through adoption.


  1. Great pictures of all of the fun times with friends and family!

    Adoption is a beautiful thing. We have an adopted granddaughter. She is 18 now, but her folks got her when she was just over a month old.

    God is good to lead us to the special little ones He has planned for us.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  2. Met Jeanne and her kids (adopted from Haiti) at the pool the other week. She said she has met you and plans to attend some of the group gatherings. I couldn't help but laugh; how do you find all us adoptive folks? She was actually the one that mentioned you to me, and asked if I was part of the group. I just love that your name always comes up immediately when I meet other adoptive families. You have a gift!

  3. So excited to have this here in FL too. :)

  4. What a special support group God has blessed you with.