Friday, June 17, 2011

We are blessed with some amazing kids

God's mercy and grace has been showered upon us and we are blessed with amazing children. When I step back and view from a distance, it is evident of what sweet kiddos God has asked us to parent. Our lives are filled with lots of activities and school work and studying God's word together...and we just don't have lots of time to update the blog. But I did want to touch in and say we are still here and doing really well.

The girls are finishing up a great week at summer camp. Tally has done a mission week serving at a local ministry. Tristen and Tyson had a great week at VBS. Tate...well...he is by my side most of the day, but he has gone to his SS class by himself a few times. Tyson lost a tooth just yesterday and he is working on learning to read. We are working on finishing the basement and I am trying to clean and organize this week while I just have 2 kids at home with me. Our beautiful old Elm tree recently fell in a storm and we spent a few weeks cleaning it up. I stained the deck and have painted a few more rooms in the house. Chuck has been busy with a video shoot and seeking God's will for our family. All that to say...I am One Blessed Mama.

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