Friday, November 6, 2009


Hebrews 11:1

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

The adoption journey is one that has many ups and downs. In fact, most of life is like that. And yet, whether the day brings mountain high moments or deep valley moments, God is still God and He is still in control.

About 2 weeks ago, when we were finishing up with our homestudy paperwork and looking at the dossier documents that needed to still be completed, God really challenged my faith. You see, when we complete our dossier and send it in to our agency, we need to send it in with the next payment for the adoption. And to be quite honest, we have not had the funds to complete that next stage. Part of me wanted to just wait until we had the money, instead of working hard on the paperwork for the dossier, knowing we couldn't send it in since we were short more than $3000.

But God really challenged my faith. I felt the nudging of the Holy Spirit to keep going on the paperwork for the dossier, IN FAITH, trusting that God would provide. So, desiring to respond in obedience, we have been pressing ahead. Working on our documents, checking things off the list, and we only have about 3 things left to do which will only take a day or so to finish.

Just this week, God blessed us with generous gifts from friends and family and we were so amazed at how God has provided. We are so thankful and humbled by the outpouring of love and support from others. I cried each time I opened an envelope from friends or family. We are just so very thankful for each and every gift. So blessed. So grateful. Feeling so unworthy of your generosity.

We had been asked to share our testimony at church tonight about the adoption and share how God is working in our lives to trust Him. We were happy to share and hopefully give God the glory in all that we do. To share about having a heart for God's children and for the nations. We shared that we have been praying that God would provide just what we need in order to send in our dossier. The pastor said that they have been praying for our family and God laid it on some one's heart to help us with our adoption costs. They presented us with a check for the funds that we needed for this next stage of the adoption. Just what we were lacking to send in our dossier.

We are so grateful for our almighty God, who provides just what we need. He is so faithful. I am reminded again of how He works. Rather than trusting in our own savings. Rather than sitting back and not pressing ahead in faith. Trusting. Believing in God who is the giver of all.

A friend of mine said that God loves His orphaned children. That he works in special ways to take care of His children. I feel so unworthy to even be walking this path and to be blessed in this way. May He receive all the glory.

Sweet Pea,

God is teaching me so much as we are trusting Him. This has been God's plan and God's timing. I have learned to rely on God for each part of our adoption of you. I am so glad that God called us to do this. I look forward to the day we are all together as a family.

Love, Mom


  1. How glorious to read of your blessing tonight; so much so that I type with goosebumps. Hugs to your family.

    "Thank you, Lord, for your never ending love and support for the journey of Little Sweet Pea(s) to this family. Thank you, Lord, for their trust in You. Amen."

  2. We are SO excited for you. That is great. What a neat encouragement from the Lord that HE indeed will provide.

  3. This is so AWESOME Cris!! No doubts that God is carrying you every step of the way through this. Confirmation after confirmation!!! Still praying for you and celebrating with you! Cannot wait to meet this little sweet pea!

  4. How awesome! What an amazing testimony!!!

  5. What an AWESOME God to provide for this precious child. What a privilege to be part of the family of God whom God uses to meet the needs of the family and what a great testimony to your faith. Your girls will never forget this experience as HE has provided each step of the way! Praise God!

  6. God's providence is a mysterious thing. I am so very happy for you. Like you, when things go amazingly "my way" (or, to be more exact, the way I believe God is directing me) I also feel a sense of His divine care.

    But, I worry....if someone is reading this who is in the process of adopting and the money is NOT coming for them, or the paperwork is NOT falling into place...or, greatest agony - they have LOST the child they'd already devoted so much money to adopting and who already has a piece of their heart... The temptation on is there (especially after reading a happy post like this) to doubt. Perhaps even to feel that God does not love them, or care for them and their child. To wonder what sins they have committed to cause God to ignore their deepest desire and greatest need.

    Real faith is believing that He is leading even when things AREN'T falling together, even when everything hurts. Sometimes faith demands that we realize that we only see God's will imperfectly. And whereas HE can see the results of all of our actions, we cannot.

    It is all a mystery....but aren't those moments of "consolation" (in the old-fashioned religious sense) so very wonderful. Sweet assurance.

  7. This is wonderful. Congratulations.

  8. That is awesome. I know the funds for adoption can be so daunting.... our God is so wonderful...

  9. Praise God!!!! I am praying for you and think about the exciting journey you are going on often. God is so good to use adoption to grow our faith in Him. Blessings to you all~

  10. Your experience is such a blessing for your family and also a great encouragement to others!

  11. This is such blessed news. One step closer!