Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We printed out all of our dossier papers yesterday and had all of them notarized. Really, not much of this is difficult to do, it is just a little time consuming. We have been working hard at getting these last few documents done and it feels good to be almost there. My computer has been having hissy fits lately so printing anything right now is an accomplishment.

Each state is different, and our state requires one of our documents to be county certified and state certified. Really didn't know what that meant but I figured it out and hauled the family around yesterday to get that done.

The girls are good sports as we sit and wait for county workers to help us out. We try and get our school work done while we are waiting.

It is amazing all the hoops you jump through for all of this to happen. Crossing all your T's and dotting all your I's. Hopefully no mistakes.

So excited !!!!! Getting closer. Can't wait to hear that our dossier has been received and get that waiting list number.

Sweet Pea,

It is so exciting to be nearing the end of our paperwork. It has been neat to see how God provides and has made our path smooth. We are working hard to have you home.

Love, Mom


  1. I remember so clearly all of this while preparing our dossier to adopt our daughter from China. She has been with us now for nearly two years. We are moving soon and as soon as we are settled we will start the process all over again for two little girls in Ethiopia. Having the paperwork behind you will be such a great feeling!
    Sending love and prayers!

  2. I love the pictures you are capturing for your memory book!! I have not "witnessed" this process from the start before; it is very fun and exciting to see you walk this journey. Prayers continue for your family ...

  3. Thanks for sharing with us and filling us all glad you can move forward with this next step...YEAH again for God' marvelous provision!!!!