Monday, November 2, 2009

A little bit of a change

We are in the last day or 2 to make any changes on our homestudy report. We have wrestled with this one particular decision.

age range


number of children

Not sure why these have been so hard to decide on. But one last call to our case worker to make a minor adjustment. Chuck has been really feeling 2 instead of 1. We applied to immigration for 2 just in case we felt strongly about going for a sibling group. So as of right now, our request is
one child 0-18 months or 2 children 0-5 years old.
We are opening up the age range of the 2 children a little more.

Again, following where we feel that God is leading. Trusting that His prompting is right. Only trusting in God on this one, and not our fear of the unknown.


  1. Proud of your willingness to stretch yourselves and to provide a forever family to children who need it.

  2. I'm glad you are leaving the path open for siblings.Then we will see who God brings home to you.

  3. yayyyyyyyyyyyy...that's so excited for you all...congrats on making that decision..I know it wasn't easy...So great chatting with you guys last was so much fun reliving our trip...kristi

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  5. Sorry-I made a spelling error in my last comment. Couldn't let that go :)
    What I said was, Neat Cris. I am glad we adopted siblings.

  6. Praying right along with ya guys. I can not wait until you post about your child(ren) who will be coming home. =)

  7. Sounds Great and we will pray for God's clear direction, that He will give you just the right child (or children) that will fit well into your family. What a great opportunity to TRUST Him through all of this.

  8. SO awesome! I have enjoyed following your adventure so far!