Thursday, December 3, 2009

falling into place

We have our international adoption pediatric phone consult today. This is a new requirement for our agency to have an international pediatrician review the referral package. This will help us get a handle on what we are looking at as far as the health needs of the boys (imagine no medical records but only one doctor visit report to work from). This also lets us know what things are typical of Ethiopian orphans (malnutrition, skin issues....that kind of thing). We requested as healthy as possible, with minor correctable medical health needs. Remember...there is no guarantee with any kids that they will be health (either adopted or natural birth).

We are also PRAISING GOD for His provision so far. We are still praying that God provides $10,000 in 10 days (by Friday the 11th). So far God has provided $2887 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are in awe of your generosity and support. We are so very thankful for the gifts and we can hardly express our gratitude enough. Thank you so much for joining with us to care for these orphans. Thank you !!!!! I am praying that God blesses you for all of your support.

I love how when God provides, it is for His glory and not ours. This is His story, and I pray that in all we do we glorify Him.

My dear Sweet Peas,

I was up in the night praying for you. Trusting that you are adjusting well and eating enough and feeling lots of love from the workers there at HH. God is moving mountains to make all of the details fall into place. He is a powerful God and I can't wait until I can teach you about Him.

Love, Mom


  1. So happy that things are working out for you! I can't wait for you!!!

  2. I just get chills thinking about how this is working for you guys! Praying!! Wish there was more I could do.

  3. exciting God has provided this much so fast! Praise Him!!