Wednesday, December 9, 2009

learning a little more how God works

I have had the heart for adoption for a long time. Even as a young child, I was interested in it. I believe God planted that seed early on in my life. Thinking that was something I hoped would be in my future. And as the years began to fly by, God preserved that seed and nurtured it along the way. A few years ago I did an deep study on the book of Ephesians and began to understand more about God's heart for adoption. How He has opened His family and that I am grafted into the Family of God by way of His son.

We wanted to wait until we moved to our current state and settled into a home before we plunged ahead with finding an agency and make the decision to go with international adoption or domestic. The more we studied and investigated, our hearts were drawn toward Africa and the need there for permanent homes for children. But honestly, the cost is something that was holding us back.

We were fully aware that the cost of an international adoption would range between $25,000 and $40,000 (and up). We were recovering from selling our home in a very depressed market and trying to make up the cost of the move. Our adoption nest egg was small, but we really felt that God was calling us NOT to lean on our own understandings. That HE would provide as needed. And by doing so, it would allow us to be part of the blessings of the family of God. To fully understand how the body works. As a team, not as an individual.

This morning, the girls and I were reading about Gideon going into attack with an army that had been cut down (God's choice) from 32,000 to 300 men. In Judges 7:2-3, it mentions that God doesn't want Israel to think that it was their own strength and power that saved them. And if you don't know the story...God's side wins. =)

Think about that...He pruned them down to allow His strength and power to shine. Boy, can I relate to that this morning. God pruned us back (financially) so He could show HIS strength and might. It is God who has supplied the money we have needed this week to press ahead with the referral of the boys. To HIM be the glory.

By the way...we are over the $8000 mark. God is so good. His plan is perfect and His ways are above and beyond ours. Thank you for being part of the miracle of how He works.

Sweet Peas,

By being part of the adoption journey, we have been able to see God work in so many ways. I pray that you see how God worked the details out for you to come home to our family.

We love you,

Love, Mom


  1. My heart is full when I think of where God is leading you. We can hardly wait to meet the boys.

  2. Crispy,
    I was told of you through Vanessa Bonner and have sent a donation. I have a website where I sell some things that I make and I give the $$ to charity. How perfect for me to be able to give to you this month!!!
    Betsy Schubert

  3. So true!! So glad to be witnessing this through ya'll. Cannot wait to meet them!

  4. Praise the Lord! What a beautiful post friend:). Praying for the finish line on Friday!