Wednesday, December 2, 2009

God is not surprised - He is in control

God is not surprised by how quickly this adoption and referral has come together. Though we thought it would take 6 months or so to get to this stage. God knew it would take only a few weeks. I am leaning on the truths of God's Word as we face the mountain that needs to be moved.

Since we are adopting siblings, the costs are obviously more than for one child. It is less than if you did 2 adoptions at 2 different times. But the truth is, it is expensive.

Chuck is working hard at getting our cars sold so we can get some cash in hand. Plus...we don't have room in our car for 2 extra sweet kiddos. So mini we come.

Our prayer is that God provides $10,000 in 10 days. That is when we need it by to send in our acceptance of the referral.

We have already been blessed by support from our friends and family. We are humbled and blessed beyond our expectation. Thank you for the love and support. And we are so grateful for your prayers.

At the bank this morning, I was able to share with the workers there our pictures and provide a testimony of God and His plan for our family. I can't wait to share how God works out all the details.

I want to share a prayer that we read today in our Advent devotion time with the kids.

O, Lord, help me to see your future possibilities in spite of the limitations of the present moment. Amen.

Sweet Peas,

We lift you up in prayer all day long. We are thankful that you have a bed to sleep in tonight at the orphanage. We are thankful that you have food to eat and special mothers to take care of you until we can come and take you home.

We love you !!!

Love, Mom


  1. I just sent you an email/comment but not sure if it posted! Let me know if not and I'll send again!

  2. Praying for a miracle!!!! How can we help?! Can a group of us post this need---copy your blog entry and also post it on our blogs?! I'm more than happy to share your story!!! And I want to help in any way we can too!!! I'm so excited and thrilled for you to bring these sweet peas home! AHHH...looks like you need to change the header to SWEET PEAS!!!!!

  3. Feel free to post the need on your blogs if you feel led. What a great way to spread the word and have others share in the joy of being part of a miracle.

    Thanks for the support!!!! We are so blessed.

  4. Posted on my blog:). Can't wait to see God provide!