Thursday, December 3, 2009

Watching a miracle take place

I am amazed. I am watching a miracle take place. God is providing in such amazing ways. We are halfway to the goal. Did you get what I just said???? God has provided about $5000 in less than 3 days. Let me shout the praises that we serve a living God. He is all powerful. In control. Sovereign. Merciful. Gracious. Works in ways we can't even comprehend. He continues to provide. Praise be His name. We have been blessed by family, friends, other adoptive families that are also fundraising, churches, people that we have never met. I am in awe of how others are advocating for us and for these precious boys.

Thank you doesn't even cover how grateful we are. May God bless each giver and each one who is praying with us. We are blown away by your generous spirit and loving support. I am still praying that God receives the glory for this mighty miracle.

Dear Sweet Peas,

We are praying for good health for each of you and God's hand of mercy to continue to be upon you. What a great story He is writing for you to learn about who He is and how graciously He loves us.

Love, Mom


  1. That is such awesome news! Yay!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by our blog. I would love to check in on your boys for you! It is AWESOME hearing about older kids going home. Very happy for your family!

  3. WOW it's just amazing all the GREAT things God can do!! Praying for you! You will get there don't you worry.. he's got you in the palms of his hands :)