Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Update

We have discovered that Fikadu is a people person. He loves to be with his friends to run & laugh & play. He is a good sharer of toys and loves to play ball.
Last night we spent some time coloring. I drew a van & then he drew one like mine. We had fun coloring together. Cris wrote out his name and he copied it very well.
Very very good for 4!

Abush loves kicking the ball and climbing up and down the couch... he must have done it 1000 times yesterday. We find that he is very jabbery and active in the room with just the 4 of us, but he gets quiet in crowds. All the other kids want to hug and kiss him, but he likes his space. For such a little guy he is very athletic. He can throw a ball right to me from across the room. It's pretty amazing.

Yesterday we played with all the klids in the hotel conference room. We kicked balls and I gave horsey rides. They all giggled and had fun.

We're doing well for day 2. Wish we could understand more of what Fikadu is saying... but we are doing well with signs and guesses.
Cris & I are very tired! I think we may be a bit jet lagged. The boys are sleeping well, but we are not.

More soon!


  1. Fun to hear about your discoveries. The boys sound very healthy physically and emotionally; that's great!! Have a good day/night whatever it is on your side of the world. =)

  2. i'm loving the updates! It's so wonderful to see how you guys and the boys are connecting!

  3. I am having so much fun reading about your updates! It sounds like the boys are doing sooooo well. I remember well all the jet lag from our trip. It was utterly exhausting. Luckily for me, my husband slept very well on our trip, so when I was crashing, he was awake. But I had the night duty b/c he wouldn't wake up for anything. :) I actually sat down at one of the museum tours we were on, and FELL ASLEEP. ha. :) I will pray that you get some good rest and feel refreshed soon.

  4. Love the update...amazing how perceptive you all are as parents. Awesome!

  5. Praying for sleep...either little naps here and there that keep you going or long restful night sleeps. Glad you are learning more about the boys and glad you could get together with the other adopting families. I am sure it is hard to not understand Fikadu...praying he will learn English soon and you all will be able to communicate. So glad the boys seem happy!!! What a blessing.

  6. I'm sure their sisters can hardly wait to play with them!

  7. thank you for the wonderful updates... I am sitting here covered in chill bumbs over your pics... praying for you all!

  8. it's so fun to read about you learning your little boys personalities!!!