Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ETHIOPIA in the 2010 winter olympics

We enjoyed the opening ceremonies of the Olympics the other night. I let the kiddos stay up and watch the whole thing (later I regretted it because they were SOOOO tired the next day). We have been studying the ancient world and we recently learned all about where the Olympics started and about the famous marathon runner.

We enjoyed the whole show. The music and the dances and the whole presentation was so cool. I am an educator at heart so we talked about the countries as the flags were marched in and the athletes waved to the crowds. I am more sentimental than I think, for I was so happy for each country and all the dreams that were represented by those men and women.

And then....the ETHIOPIAN flag came in. And I welled up with tears. Talk about feeling emotional. It was so precious to hear that there were only 5 countries in Africa represented in the Winter Olympics, and Ethiopia was one of them.

We cheered for our family's other country. You see, when you adopted internationally, you learn that you must take on that country as your own. It will not be just where your kids are from, it will also be your own identity.

I borrowed the pictures and information on the only athlete from Ethiopia for the 2010 winter games. Thanks Jenny.

His name is Robel Teklemariam. He was the first Ethiopian to ever compete in the Winter Olympics back in the 2006 games. His sport is cross-country skiing. He learned to ski when he moved to New York with his mother at the age of 9. According to this article, his goal for his second Olympics is "to improve on his finish in Italy [the 2006 games] and inspire young Ethiopians to follow in his ski tracks."

It will be neat to learn more about Ethiopia as our boys grow and I am hopeful that we can instill a love for their birth country and it's people.

Dear Sweet Peas,

One of the reasons we were drawn to international adoption is our LOVE for God people everywhere. We have always had a heart for the nations. We desire to raise you boys to be a blessing to all that come to know you. I pray that as you grow, you will have a love for your birth country and let others know how special it is to be an Ethiopian American.

Love, Mom


  1. i saw yesterday that even though he started last he finished 4th from last... so he moved up 4 spots! yay for Robel!

  2. My husband and I had the same reaction watching as he proudly carried the ET flag. He actually trains on roller skis in Addis! After seeing the roads in Addis, have no idea how this works. Check out the link for the video.