Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3 months update and a little glimspe into our world

WOW...3 months...we have cleared the 3 month mark. Gotta say, it is a big deal and a wonderful sigh of relief. We have worked so hard during these past months to do things so intentionally to help our boys adjust and bond and connect. That has been the biggest goal and I feel like it has been worth it.

We are starting to come out of our cocoon, slowly but surely. Easy does it and baby steps for sure. We are still co-sleeping with the boys and not sure we that now would be the best time to change that. I think we will continue that a little longer. The boys are still sleeping well and eating well. I haven't seen too many changes in that area of our lives. They both have adjusted to our menu here at home but also still enjoy Ethiopian foods.

I have gone back to working with the girls each day for school and the boys have done a great job of exploring the educational toys and activities that I have provided for them. Check out the family blog to see some of the things I have done to help them work on some basic skills.

Speaking of basic skills...their language has come so far. Tyce can understand about everything we say and we can understand 90% of what he is trying to communicate. Sometimes we have to be a little creative, but we get it done. Tate puts 3 words together often and still uses signs to aid in his communication.

We are still seeing signs of testing from both boys and they often get upset (either tantrums or pouting) when they don't get their way. We have been casual about nipping this but our plan is to begin working harder at more appropriate responses. I got the OK from our worker at AGCI to begin disciplining a bit more. She reminded me that boundaries and regulations and structure are all new to them. They have had a lack of parenting for so long that it will be a slow process but if we are consistent we should see some improvements.

Both boys have been to the dentist and we got the confirmation that Tyson is indeed 4. He had a great first visit and was able to get his teeth cleaned. We are thankful that we don't have major work that needs to be done. And Tatum was hesitant, but did finally let the dentist look in his mouth. No cleaning or anything this time, but at least it was a great first visit.We have seen huge improvements in so many areas and we are so thankful that our transition has continued to go so well. One of my prayers is that our situation would be a positive adoption story. There are enough negative ones, so it would be neat to be a positive testimony. I have also prayed that God would use our story to encourage others to follow God's lead in their own lives to adopt. To stretch their think outside the follow where God leads.

I just don't have time these days for extras like blogging, but I do desire to keep it updated as much as I can. I wanted to share a little picture that Tyson drew of me. Each day during his rest time, he spends that time writing words or drawing pictures. He then brings them out to me to show me while I am teaching the girls their science. He likes me to guess what they are. This was one of my favorite pictures that he has drawn.

If you are fb friends with me you have already seen it. If you look closely, I have a smile. =)

Here is one of my favorite pictures from Mother's day. Oh how I love these sweet peas. They are precious. We are bonding...we are connecting...we are attaching. Praise God !!!


  1. what a wonderful update! i know you probably don't feel it all the time, but you guys seem so wise in your approach to attaching and transitioning w/your new little sweet peas! i've been taking lots of notes from you :-)

  2. Cris - I am so blessed to be able to watch
    (from afar:) your journey with your sweet peas. For those of us still waiting:), your openness and honesty is so refreshing, and the way that you have transitioned with your family is so encouraging. Often, while waiting, my mind is filled with the what-if's and oh-no's of adoption, and you constantly remind me that it is His plan, His timing, His love. Thank you friend. Happy Wednesday!!!

  3. So sweet! I love that picture of him kissing you....precious!

  4. Love it. Thank you for the update. I'm so glad it is going so well.

  5. The last picture is BEAUTIFUL!!! So powerfully stated it doesn't need an explanation or a caption. God is working in your lives and you are spreading His good news; thank you.

  6. 3 month update is awesome!!! I pray things continue to go well. Love the dentist pictures. Hey, I MADE that upholstery your boys are sitting in! - that is what I do - well, for 2 more weeks anyway.

    So glad to hear the adjustment is going well for your boys and that a routine is starting!

  7. So love following your story. :) Such handsome guys! Have a great day! :)

  8. the last pic the best..too cute, kj

  9. I'm just sooo happy that it is all going so well!!! I can tell that your intentionalness (if that is even a word) is really paying off!! What a beautiful testimony!!

  10. Oh your boys are so beautiful! I've been dying to meet them. So happy to hear things are going so well! :)

  11. Love the picture of Ty kissing sweet!!! YEAH! for 3 months down...probably the hardest 3 months are behind you. So glad you are encouraged by the phone calls.

  12. Watching up close and from afar. What a blessing! All six of you are doing so well with this whole process. Great to see the girls adjustment and the help that they are to you. So fun to see how secure and comfortable the boys are with you. And how special to see how natural and routine you both are with a family of six. Someday the boys will look back on these days and "will rise up and call you blessed!"

  13. I loved seeing this great update. It sounds like you guys are doing really well. We just stopped co-sleeping with Grace at 4 months and it was her choice. She just announced that she was ready for her big bed in Abbie's room. Looking back, I'm SO glad that we didn't push and let her decide. Now she wants to come back, but we've said," Uh,no!!" Oh, you are so brave to go to the dentist! I must do it, but am dreading it. You come to my mind often. So glad that you're doing well.

  14. What a great milestone! It's great to hear such a good report. You are doing a great job!!

  15. You are already helping inspire families to adopt!

    Me and my sisters were actually the ones to "convince" my parents to adopt. Your blog was actually one of the 6 or 7 that we showed them :)

    Its good to read about sibling groups because that is what we are going to adopting, 2 or 3 kids.

    Thanks for the update :)

    Allison Young