Thursday, May 13, 2010


Tissy (who is now known as Gigi according to Tate) has become a great big sister. This is a new role for her and she is flourishing in it. She sits next to Tate in the van and tries to keep him entertained.  She is quick to grab a bib at meal time.  She hauls the high chair out back if we are eating on the deck. She likes to help find clothes for the boys to wear and is often around for dressing time to get anything I need.  She likes to make a snack for the boys in the morning while I work on a little more school with Tally.  She plays with them at the tot table (go check it out here). She has turned out to be a great big sister. I am proud of her for learning to care for these little guys and allow her heart to grow to include her new brothers.  Oh how she loves them so very much. I would say she is adjusting well. 


  1. So sweet. I am sure the boys just adore your girls.

  2. Precious! I'm not surprised that she is a wonderful big sis - she has a great example.

    During those years we were babysitting a little guy, my daughter loved picking out his clothes and helping him get dressed.

  3. Tissy - I have niticed how great you are with the boys! You have been such a great help to your mom and are always willing to do whatever is needed with Tyce and Tate. Bless you, darling!

  4. sweet, sweet little granddaughter!
    Love you Tissy. (6 AM is just too early for you to be out of bed posting, Cris.)

  5. What a great big sister you are Tristen!!! We LOVE you and miss you too.