Friday, August 13, 2010

Ever heard of a "HAIR BUCKET"?

If you have a counter full of hair supplies that you use on your child, you may be like me and move them around from one room to the next. Sometimes I "do hair" in the family room if we are heading out the door to church. Or I may "do hair" in the bed room after bath at night. What ever it may be, I have my little collection of what I am currently using on their hair each day. And I would cart these items around and tend to misplace one of them. So I finally decided to put them all in one container and move it from place to place when I do their hair.

So....what's in my hair bucket???

  • hand towel (not pictured - as it is in the wash) I need a towel to wipe my hands off and I also use it to protect their clothes when I spritz with water.
  • water bottle - I moved to good one (not a cheap junky one from the dollar store). Mine is actually a garden sprayer for plants. Sometimes I fill it with water and lemon juice, other times, just water.
  • spray leave in conditioner/tonic - I have some stuff from Biolage, but once it's gone, I am going try making one from flax seeds.
  • hair butter - I like the one called Second Life (notice my little guy on their site). All natural. I have tried making my own and haven't come upon the right ratio yet.
  • tea tree oil - gives a little shine when we are all done with fixing the hair.
  • skin lotion - anything that gets the ashy look off their legs. They have some thirsty skin. I have found when I used a natural soap, we don't need as much lotion.
So....what have I learned about hair? I think every adoptive mama is on the look out for the best hair care product. We are always hopeful that something will work better than what we are currently using. I like natural products. I have a hard time putting lots of chemicals on their hair. I've also learned I will probably try more items out there and they might make their way into our hair bucket as we try them out. My boys have different textures of hair and different kinds of curls so we are still learning. I have also learned...I don't have the heart to cut their hair off short and go with the buzz yet. So...we will have the hair bucket around to keep their hair full of moisture and shine.


  1. What a fabulous idea - the hair care bucket! I'll be getting one for our bathroom tomorrow! Thanks for the great idea! ~Karen Wistrom

  2. Thank you for this post! Summer has been hard on Grace's hair, and I've just been using more and more coconut oil with very poor results. So thanks for recommending some new products. And, I like the hair bucket idea! I do that with cleaning supplies, why not hair??!

  3. Cute - I think the boys would look super cute with little buzzes, but I'd probably be just like you, and hang onto those curls.

  4. I have a hair basket for my little guy! ;)

  5. We have a hair 'basket' that migrates around the house! It IS fun trying new products....just wish the natural ones we not so spendy!