Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Welcoming friends home from Africa

Oh how we love our airport moments. It is so fun to gather together and welcome home a family with their new child. What makes it extra fun is when it is a family that was there for your airport homecoming.

Friday night we piled the kids in the car and welcomed home my friend Amy (filled with praise). They brought home their little man from Ethiopia. Our boys were all from the same transition home (Hannah's Hope). What a little cutie pie.

We are so fortunate to live in an area that is abundant with adoptive families. Seriously...we have it good here. I met a new friend who is also with AGCI and she was there for her first airport homecoming. Alison shared how lucky we are to have all these families around. She said they have only found about 4 adoptive families in their area. It just takes one family to cause the ripple affect. It will keep growing...and if not...why not move here. (wink wink)

I love when the Ethiopian workers come out and talk with the kids. One man said he remembers when we came home and chatted with us for a while. He commented on how big the boys are growing and even remembered that our boys are from the southern region. He told us..."they grow them tall there in the south".

Looking forward to the next airport homecoming.


  1. So wish we had that here.....oh well we will see you in a week and a half :)

  2. I LOVE homecomings too!!! We've been to a couple and I can't wait to attend our first one now that Eva is home! I know it will be even more exciting! Your family is beautiful!!!

  3. Ya'll really do have something special with all the adoptive families in your area! I was loving being around ya'll all weekend! It was so special...and yeah, the thought of moving has crossed my mind! :) But I guess God wants us to be a part of something here in MS...and I love what He's starting to do here!!

  4. Thanks for sharing friend! We were so excited to see your family there. So thankful for your friendship.

  5. Good to know that they grow them tall in the south since that is where Bek is from and he seems to be getting taller and taller each day! Will have more clothes for you soon.

  6. I am sure these families are so thankful and appreciative that you offer your love and support. Glad you have such a great support network! Praise the Lord.