Monday, August 2, 2010

Wow oh wow...what a picnic

We had a fantastic weekend celebrating our agency and all the precious children that have found their forever home. What an absolute blessing to part of such a great agency. Families drove from all around to be part of this celebration. We invited our friends the Pratts to stay with us.

They got to know our boys when they were at
HH. It was our first time having overnight company stay with us. Let's just say we were glad that it was another adoptive family that understands the dynamics of how our family functions. No judgement passed for tantrums or fussy kids. =)

I am posting pics from Sara's blog (or random pics from
fb). She took great pictures and I had my hands full. I will probably try and post some of my own pictures, but for now I want to record these for our boys to look at some day.
Let's just start off by saying...this was a HOT day. Were talking, I looked red as a beet and was so sweaty. Not to mention, I had my little man strapped to me most of the day. The kids all enjoyed the water play and the jumpy house.

My little guy still gets over stimulated in large crowds and tends to shut down. So, out comes the sling and I pop him into it and we wandered around to give him some space. Thanks again Sara for this picture.

I'm thinking there were about 200 people there. What a great group of families. I felt like it was a family reunion (the kind you WANT to go to). These dear precious families all with the passion and heartbeat for the children.

And...speaking of children. Here they are. Precious children welcomed into loving families.

My crew is in the middle. Tyson is taking care of baby
Mekele (Whitney's little one).


  1. WOWIE!!! What an AMAZING GROUP! SOooooo cool to see that many families gathered together, celebrating ADOPTION! Wahoooo! :) ♥ LOVE ♥ it! :)


  2. Oh, it is so amazing to see everyone gathered together and celebrating! So wish we lived closer to have been there! Thanks for sharing the photos!

  3. This is just so awesome...what a great support network the Lord has blessed you with. WHAT a blessing. Enjoy those friendships and their needed love and encouragement.

  4. What precious pictures! How special for your family.

  5. Hey Cris! Just found your blog on Kristi's blog! It was so great to get to meet ya'll this weekend! Thanks for all your encouragement and words of advice! Your family is precious! I am your newest blog follower! :)

  6. YEAH!!! I found you all!!! Grace has been begging me to search for your blog since we got home! She was so glad to meet your daughter. I think she has already written a letter to her! = )