Wednesday, June 16, 2010

stepping back to see how far we've come (this post is only about a month overdue)

When you are in the thick of adjusting, it is hard to see how far you have come. When your kids don't leave your side, it is hard to tell in what ways they have changed. I intended to post these pictures like a month ago, but never got around to it. Somehow these pictures were overlooked. But looking back through these photos has helped me see how much has changed since we came home.

We had the opportunity to welcome home a playmate from HH at our local airport. Even though we were still in the cocooning stage, I wanted to bend the rules a bit and be at the airport to witness this family meeting all together for the first time.

There is something so special about those airport moments. I can see why the adoption community jokingly says they are addictive. We all love to show our support in this way and it means so much to the family. This event was really good for me to see that we are not that BRAND NEW family who has JUST come home. We have begun to settle in. It doesn't feel as new. We have actually had the boys with us longer than they were at the orphanage. When we climbed off that plane, we were beyond exhausted. Almost couldn't see straight. It was all a blur. It was good for me to see how much has changed in just a few short months.

How sweet to see these 2 buddies reunite at the airport. It meant so much for Tyce to have a familiar face to greet him, I hope this little AJ also has fond memories of seeing Fikadu when he arrived in America.

So...stepping back to take a good look. Our boys have come so far. They have grown and changed and become different kids. When I look back at those referral photos, I have a hard time almost seeing the children I now know. Good for me to see a different perspective.

I snapped this pic as I was loading up the kids to head home from the airport that day. When we had arrived home, our little man screamed the whole way home. And now look, just a few months later, he can ride in a car seat and even enjoy the ride.

Rare photo...Tate smiling.


  1. LOVE to see him smile!!! That in itself shows how much has changed and how far you have come. I am still thinking of them the way I saw you the day after you arrived home from Ethiopia with Tate throwing fits and in a daze!!!

    GOD IS GOOD!!! Keep remembering how far you have come!! "Thus far the Lord has helped us!"

  2. So sweet Cris! Brings tears to my eyes. You are right on. It is so hard to see where you are when you are right in the middle of the moment. Great to reflect and see how far we have come!! We are planning on coming to Kristy's on the 27th. Are you all going to be there?

  3. How GREAT is our God! How GREAT is our God! How GREAT, how GREAT, is our God! So much to be thankful for! Although at present the boys have no idea of how fortunate and blessed they are to be part of your family, someday they will realize God's grace and blessing in their life. I trust God will let me live long enough to hear them express their thankfulness to Him and to you both.

  4. You all have come a long way, and though there are ups and downs, I see a steady progress. God has been good to your family!