Sunday, January 24, 2010

adoption shower

We were blessed by our local friends who threw an impromptu adoption shower for us. With just a few days noticed these girls were able to throw a shower that seemed like it took weeks to plan. There was TONS of yummy food (all of which I had none of...I was too busy talking). And a house full of friends that God has blessed us with in just a short time. We have only been here a year and we are already surrounded by friends that are just precious. These families are so happy for us and are so supportive. We are so blessed.

From homeschooling friends, to friends from Chuck's work, to neighbors and fellow adoptive families ~ all there to shower us with gifts, support, love and friendship.

Our girls were blessed with a BIG SISTER shower. All the girls gathered upstairs and had their own snacks and fun. Their friends showered them with fun things to do while Mom and Dad are in Africa. Mad libs, ice cream coupons, disposable camera, balloon animal kit are just to name a few. The big sisters then played with toys and had a good time while the mommies talked down stairs.

Here we are opening gifts. These families went over and above. We were given lots of cute outfits just right for our sweet peas. Our boys will look just adorable in all there new clothes.

Sometimes I wonder if we ladies just need an excuse to get out and congregate together. It was nonstop jabbering.
I love how God has brought so many sweet friends into our lives. From our realtor who has become a friend to other moms of little guys who are just about the same age as our boys.
We have been blessed to be part of other families as they expand their family with little ones from Africa. I look forward to seeing our children grow up together.
Chuck and I made some fantastic friends with our adoption training classes at our local homestudy agency. I am so grateful that we can journey together and be a support for each other.
The homeschool group that we have found here has become a tremendous group of friends and support. These are beautiful and creative moms and I am so grateful to have them as friends. They desire for their children to walk with God in such authentic ways.
We moved here for Chuck's job and we are so grateful for the team of co-workers and families that are part of the organization. Such dear people.
Here are 2 adoption mommies who are with the same agency. I am so grateful that we are part of a group that has such love and connection with each other. God even placed one just down the street from us.
Here on the left is my sweet friend who opened her home and hosted this party with help from a great group of gals.

I know I didn't get pictures of everyone, but I want to express our gratitude for the blessing of the shower. Thank you all so much for sharing in our joy. I know that not every family who adopts is able to experience this kind of support and we are so thankful. Thank you for rejoicing with us God's blessing of children, no matter how they enter our family.

Dear Sweet Peas,

We had such a good time celebrating your arrival. There is a group of people here in our lives that are so excited that you are part of our family. We are so thankful for the support and love of those who are near to us.

We have lots of new clothes for you. We are getting ready for you to come home. Just a little longer.

Love, Mom


  1. What a fun blessed afternoon. What wonderful friends and support network God has provided for you.

  2. That is TOTALLY awesome. I am SO GLAD your thoughtful friends blessed you not only with gifts for your coming boys, but with the love and support!! What a blessing from God!!!! I am so happy for you.

  3. Looks like a perfect day for you and your girls. What a special idea to have the big sister shower too. Your friends Rock!! =)

  4. What a wonderful event, and what a blessing for your whole family (of 6!). Looking forward to the day!

  5. it was so much fun..I meant to take pics too...Would you send me the pic of LL and me and Rachel if you get a chance...I'd love to post it too...You're right...the food was delicious!! :) kj

  6. What a blessing!!!!! You is so amazing to bring us together with new friends and those who share the same desires : ) Praying for you all~

  7. how awesome!! now you are totally set! what a blessing!!

  8. I love how it's all coming together for you and all the wonderful friends you have made. Such an awesome support system for you all!

  9. That is SO awesome. No one has ever done anything like that for us when we adopted. In fact our kids went almost unacknowledged by nearly everyone we know. You are very blessed!