Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tonight while we sleep...

(let's be honest...I don't think we will sleep too much) someone from our agency will represent us in the adoption court in Ethiopia. So many thoughts are running through my head today. Will the birth mother be able to be there? Is all of our paperwork in just the right place? Did MOWA get their letter of recommendation written? Is it God's will for our case to pass the first time in the court system? Rather than focusing on my concerns, I am going to lay them at God's feet and trust in my heavenly Father. Will you join our family in prayer?

We are going to spend our evening praying. If you feel led, these are the things we are praying for.

Praying for the birth mom.
  • For her to be able to make it to court.
  • For her to have the proper ID with her.
  • For peace in her decision in her adoption plan for the boys.
  • For blessings and protection for her.

For the court system.

  • For the Ministry Of Women's Affair to have their letter of recommendation done and in place.
  • For our POA from our agency - for her protection and mercy.
  • For our judge to have a heart for adoption and blessing on our family.
  • For all of our paperwork to be available and just right.

For our boys.

  • For their hearts to be prepared for our family.
  • For them to attach and bond with us.
  • For their complete healing of their body, mind, heart.
  • For a good transition into our family.
  • For a good connection with our girls.
  • For them to come to know Christ as their personal savior.
  • For better health than we anticipate.
  • For their protection and safety.
  • That God will raise them to be godly men and be used in positive and powerful ways.

For our girls.

  • For our time apart while we are in Africa.
  • For a smooth transition to being big sisters.
  • To understand why our family dynamics will be different and strange for awhile.
  • To be able to demonstrate the love of Christ to the boys.
  • To be OK with less of Mom's time.
  • To have a good attitude about all the sacrifices they will have to be part of.
  • To be able to process their feelings well.

For Chuck and Cris.

  • For us to attach and connect well with the boys.
  • For our health and safety when we travel.
  • For God's continued provision as we pay for the travel funds.
  • For Cris' time to be multiplied to care for all the needs of 4 kids.
  • For our adjustment back into having a baby/toddler and a preschooler.
  • For us to continue to focus on the positive things as we encounter difficult stages.
  • To be able to demonstrate God's love and kindness to our new kids.
  • For our adjustment all together with our new kids.
  • To remember all the training and education we have learned.
  • For wisdom to parent our boys in a way that will only benefit them.

For our family.

  • To be a positive example of adoption and be advocates for other orphaned children.
  • For protection from the evil one and his workers.
  • For the grandparents to be able to focus on what is best for our new boys.
  • That our extended family can be a positive example of accepting adopted children the same as birth children.
  • For wisdom to handle racial difficulties and protection from those situations.
  • To be a positive example of racially diverse family. Showing that God sees His whole family in a variety of shades.
  • To demonstrate God's heart for adoption.

Just wanted to pass on a few blogs from today that really touched my heart. Andrea (HERE) has such beautiful words from God's Word today. And HERE is a letter from a mom who is in the process of adoption who is struggling with her family and the lack of support and encouragement.

Dear Sweet Peas,

We are hopeful that tonight our adoption case will pass court in Ethiopia. We are preparing our home for your arrival. And praying that God prepares you both for us.

We love you, Love, Mom


  1. What an awesome prayer list! I'd love to copy and paste it for our own adoption! So complete. Thanks for sharing and we are praying for success in the court today! :)

  2. Just hit "control, P" to copy this page and pray with you tonight ... can't wait to hear!

  3. Praying for your family tonight!

  4. I am praying for you! I hope you get good news soon!!!

  5. What a powerful list of prayers- honored to join you in prayer for your boys, their birthfamily, and your family! How blessed these two are to join your family!!

  6. just hit "control, P" so we can pray with you tonight!

  7. We will be praying. Loved Andrea's post and felt like she was talking to me~

  8. WOW! You have collected a wonderful like of prayers. I know you don't know me...I am Whitney's (Our Hearts are in Ethipia) siter-in-law! I will be praying for you and your family...the ones here and there! - Amy

  9. Praying with you sister...woke up this morning praying and going to be tonight praying. And hopeful with you too for good news soon!!

  10. How exciting..... it is now 9 am on Friday...right NOW, in Ethiopia...I wonder if they ahve already heard your case??!!

  11. oh, i'm is 10 am there right now...Praying hard...your case is probably befor a judge right now...Hang wait to hear the good news, kj

  12. Woke up praying again! Will pray while I work out and continue through the day. How secure to trust an awesome God for the answer to these prayers. Love you! Love the boys!

  13. Waiting to hear....