Thursday, January 7, 2010

a little care package

We sent a little care package off in the mail today. Our agency allows us to send a small picture album with a few pictures in it (one of our home, ones of us, our pet, and the pictures we have of the boys). We were also able to include a "cozy". Something they can keep in their bed and hug at night time. There is a chance that this snugly doesn't make it back home with us, so we went and got some new bears to send. We all slept with the bears so they will smell like us. And of course so we could send our love and hugs via the bears. Hopefully these bears are able to provide some comfort until we can get to Ethiopia and give our love and hugs in person.

We also were able to send a few pictures that can be passed onto our birth mom with a letter. To be honest, that letter is hard to write. How do you express your love and gratitude in just a few paragraphs? Our prayer is that she will know Christ and that she will find comfort and peace in her difficult decision as she makes an adoption plan for her sons. For her choice of sacrifice, may she be blessed. And may our boys always know of her love and devotion to them.

Dear Sweet Peas,

We just think these two bears are cute and cuddly and we hope you enjoy hugging them until we can come and give you lots of love in person. You two are all we talk about these days. We are longing for the moment we meet.

Love, Mom


  1. I know the boys will be delighted with their packages. I pray that their birthmom will be strong and at peace with her decisions for the boys' future.

  2. Those are perfect for your two cuties.

  3. Those bears are tooooo cute. I am continually amazed by how your adoption is moving at WHARP speed. :)

  4. So you squished up these bear to fit in a freezer zip lock bag? They aren't the build a bear? How fun to send something ahead that they will hug.

  5. I know that much love and many prayers are being sent via the adorable bears. Just think of the "Hope" and comfort they will bring the boys while in transition.

  6. Those bears are every bit as cute as they look in the pictures. How special! Praying that the boys birth mother will be able to make it to the court hearing next Friday. This is moving at "wharp speed!"

  7. those bears ARE cute! What a wonderful gift for your boys!