Monday, January 25, 2010

Ethiopian Plane Crash

Not the best timing for this one. We are preparing to purchase tickets for our trip in a few weeks. It is never good to hear about a plane crash, but it was hard to sleep last night after reading about this situation online. HERE is the article if you are interested in reading it. We are praying for the families with our agency who are in Ethiopia this week to pick up their children. It might be hard to board that plane at the end of the week to come home.

We are also specifically praying that we get confirmed travel dates this week. I have tickets on hold and I have to decide by Friday if we will chance it and purchase them or wait. The embassy appointment that we are looking at is for Feb. 15. Please PRAY with us for confirmed details in God's timing.

Dear Sweet Peas,

I love how God has given us such a peace about our family. We all pray for you boys every day and we are counting down the days until we can come and bring you home.

Love, Mom


  1. I told my hubby just HOW REAL all those people on the flight seem now after flying Ethiopian Air in June...All the flight attendants were so beautiful and very sad...Praying you hear good news soon, kj

  2. Thought of you and others adopting from Ethiopia when I head the news. Praying for you and smooth travel arrangements.

  3. I hope (and pray) that you get that Feb 15th embassy date. I want those little guys to come home :)

    That seems soooo soon!!! Yay!

  4. I will continue to pray for all of your safe travels, and the safety of your girls while they stay here.

  5. Just reading in Psalms 121 again...The Lord is our protector!!