Monday, January 11, 2010

more preperations

Got some Hep A and B shots today. Trying to make sure we have our act together just in case we pass court this week. I have been guarding my heart and trying not to get my hopes up...but...I think I let my mind start to wander into the possibility of going soon to bring the boys home.

This weekend we moved the girls into the same room and got their room all ready to become the "girl room" . And we are working on making up the "boy room". We are still short on beds and clothes but at least we have a plan now. I can only guess on their sizes and hopefully we will get some more concrete info on sizes before we travel. I need to start getting diapers again and find some sippy cups (maybe the little one still uses a bottle???). But honestly, this is the fun kind of planning. Much more enjoyable than paperwork. =)

I was able to talk to another adoptive mom who recently returned from the orphanage where the boys are and get some first hand reports on how cute our little guys are. It was the most amazing and heart warming call. I had not asked this family to "look out for our boys" but I took a chance and thought I would ask if they saw them (there are about 60 children in the transition home where our boys are, so it was a bit of a gamble if she remembered them). Turns out they were the 2 kids that stuck out in their minds the most. They were so thrilled to share that they loved on our sweet boys and how precious they are. Oh...just the kind of report a momma wants to here.

Please PLEASE PLEASE pray with us about our court date. It will be Thursday night when we are all in bed. January 15. Praying for our birth mom and trusting she will be able to travel and be at the right place at the right time. We are also praying for all the proper paperwork to be in place.

Dear Sweet Peas,

Oh...We are trying to imagine your sweet smiles and precious faces. We are so thankful you are in a place now that is preparing you for our family. We are trusting God for the right timing to bring you home. I can't wait until we can hold you in our arms and hug you in person.

Love, Mom


  1. I know it must be so hard to wait for them and to not get your hopes up too much about the timing, but I hope you enjoy all these preparations and plans! I'm still praying!

  2. It is getting so exciting!! Can't wait to see them with you.

  3. We are praying with you. Our SS class is praying for Birthmom and her travel, her resolve, her heart.

  4. With goosebumps (once again) praying for the strength and peace for the birth mom, for your little boys to be happy while they wait for their mom and dad to come, for your patience and wisdom as you finalize the conclusion of this phase.


  5. Oh how exciting!!!!!!!

    I cannot believe how fast this is all happening!!

    I cannot wait to see their little faces. It is KILLING ME!!

    We will all be praying for you to pass court on the 15th!

  6. Congratulations on your progress and all your plans for getting ready for the boys' homecoming.

  7. I just can't believe your court date is on amazing!!! praying, kj

  8. We are praying through the night on Thursday. Praying the birth mother will be there, will have the proper identification and papers and that her heart won't be too heavy - reading your letter and trusting God for the raising of her boys. Praying the judge will be understanding, kind, fair and just. SOOO EXCITED!

  9. thinking of you guys and can't wait to read your good news! i might have some stuff for your youngest. let me know when or if you find out anything more on the boys sizes. i even have some boy toys that haven't been played with in awhile that they might enjoy.

  10. I have at least 1 bin, maybe 2 (I still need to go through some)of clothes already for you. People here at church have been so sweet to collect for your boys when I announced your need. Praise the Lord for the thier thoughtfulness and support.

    Praying, praying, praying!!!

    But like you said, trusting God to do His will, which is what is best!!