Thursday, March 11, 2010

Amazed at God's plan

Last night, as we sat and ate dinner as a family I was overcome by God's sovereign hand. I looked around at the table and was struck at God's perfect plan. I was so aware of the reality that God hand picked our children (both by birth or by adoption) to be in our family. As we ate our homemade pizza (a family favorite) I cried. And not just a tear rolling down my cheek, we're talking sobbing.

Just this week a friend asked me if it was love at first sight with the boys. And of course I answered honestly. I said it was love, the kind of love that doesn't actually know these little strangers that are now our children, but love in the truth that I do LOVE them. I feel no differently toward our new kids, it is the same kind of love. And last night, I was overwhelmed by the love that God has allowed me to have for them.

So grateful.
So blessed.
So much love for them.

When we were flying home from Africa, I looked out the window and saw the clouds and was reminded of how BIG God is. This is His world (and how BIG it is). These are His children. We function only because of His grace. All the details are in His hand. And from before the foundation of the world, He knew who would be in our family and how they would arrive. Every step of the way with our adoption, I can testify to God's hand working.

There are lots of pics of how we are spending our days on our family blog - Peterspeapod. Head on over for some pictures of the boys.

Dear Sweet Peas,

Oh how I LOVE you. And when you doubt that I do, please cling to the truth that my love for you is just a small example of how God loves us.

I am so grateful you are part of our family. And I am amazed that in such a short time, how clearly you fit in. I couldn't imagine our world without you and I am so glad you both are part of our little peapod.

Love, Mom

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  1. God is BIG and amazing! Praising Him with you. So glad for those "wow" moments when the wonderful reality of WHO He is and all He HAS DONE hits you. It's precious...and memorable.

    Remember that in those low moments.