Saturday, March 13, 2010

Southern Region of Ethiopia

Our boys are from the southern region of Ethiopia and I wanted to share some pictures that I got from a family that was in our travel group. They had the blessing of traveling early and getting a little tour of the southern region.

Many of the children at HH are from the South and I am sure we all would love to visit and share with our children the beauty and uniqueness of their home land. We were only able to visit Addis Ababa, the big city and capitol of Ethiopia.

The homes consist of these handmade huts. Built out of mud and twigs. A whole family lives inside along with the animals that they may have. Most of these families are large with many children and they all sleep on the same mat on the floor together.
Here is the inside of a home. Notice the animals are on one side and the family on the other.
From the inside of the hut looking up to the ceiling. Fantastic workmanship of weaving the twigs together to make the roof.

What a beautiful landscape. Notice the limited amount of trees and not much shade or protection. On the right side you see the termite mound.

Here is an up close of a termite mound. I have some good reason to believe that these bugs are eaten by the local people. Ummm yummy.
Here is a man washing in the local water. It is where you would go for all your water needs. Bathing, laundry, drinking...clean water is a true blessing.

The women and children working to get their water to use at their home.

Here is a 6 year old girl going to the water to wash her other outfit. I am amazed at the responsibility of the young children there. Our oldest boy displays evidence of this kind of responsibility. He is able to wash himself and care for himself - which is not typical of a 4 year old.
The simplistic life and shear joy of the children is refreshing. They have such beautiful smiles and a joy that flows forth from them.
These children aren't wanting an ipod or the newest video game. They aren't asking to join a sports team. They don't complain about the meal that is put before them. They don't roll their eyes are helping out around the home. They have so very little, and yet their hearts are precious and joyous. Oh how these people need Jesus to fill their lives. Let these pictures remind you ( and me) to pray for the people there.
When Fikadu saw these pictures it was precious. I could see a look of familiarity on his face. He knew this man was fishing (fish is one of his words). When he saw the pictures of the homes, his he was drawn into the screen and just kept saying "yes, yes, yes". I could tell he was trying to figure out if that was his hut and that was his birth family. I desire for him to remember as much as he can, and yet I know he will forget too quickly.

We want to show respect and honor for their native home and the people there. I have prayed that God would build our boys up to someday go back to Ethiopia and share Jesus with the people there and do great things for that country.

It is such a beautiful place, with such significant needs. The poverty is more than you could imagine. Almost 5 million orphans in Ethiopia. These children need food, education, medical care and an opportunity to know Christ.

Dear Sweet Peas,

How grateful I am that your birth mom chose to give you life by letting you go. She loves you so much and it was only because of poverty that she had to make that decision. We pray for your native land, for the beautiful people there, for your birth family and we are praying that God uses you to do big things there in Ethiopia some day.

Love, Mom


  1. Thank you for sharing those pics- beautiful! What a wonderful reminder of what the beautiful country Ethiopia really is!

  2. What beautiful pictures. How great to honor their homeland!

  3. Beautiful pictures. What a great connection you now have to another country, and to see how your boys will be used in both countries will be very exciting!

  4. how that makes me tear up...I love my daughter's beautiful, kj

  5. I would love some pictures of the southern region to put in Macy's you think your travel friend would let me use some/send some to me? Please let me know. We did not get to travel south while we were at HH either...just the city...which really speaks very little to her story. Oh, and I think these people are closer to God than others realize...and I often believe it is those of us with so much materialism that need more spirituality. Such amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing them.


  6. Cris,

    thanks for sharing these photos. My daughter is from the south, Sidama, and I have been google searched for information of her region. I found another family's blog with some information about Sidama also
    It's a beautiful region and with beautiful and simple people!

  7. Thanks, Cris. Our boys are from the South, too. I'm going to link your blog from mine for my family to see these pics as well. Beautiful and so touching.

  8. Beautiful. I hope to see it for myself one day :)

  9. Love the pictures Cris. Do you know which area/village in the south these are from? I love the joy that radiates from Ethiopia's people. It's beautiful and unexplainable. Something I didn't realize about the Southern Region is that Christ is alive in the hearts of many many people! There is a very vibrant and active missionary movement. Christian Ethiopian tribes actively send their missionaries to tribes who have never heard. We learned that our son's tribe, Kembata, is one of the sending tribes. I have some maps of the Southern region that show remote villages. Not sure if they would include your boys' home, but would be happy to share them with you if they do. Just shoot me an email. Thanks again for the photos. I might add them to Bear's album. :)