Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Just wanted to share few funny things around here....

Yesterday we were watching the lady who lives behind us pick up the dog poop in her yard and put it in a bag. Tyce wanted to know what she was doing. So we tried to explain it. He understands the word "dog" and the word "kaka" (poop). So we told him she was picking up dog kaka. And that whole idea of picking up dog poop was too funny for him. Why in the world would she do that??? I guess no one picks up poop in Ehtiopia. Must be an American thing.


Our little man is understanding a few things. Like when it is time to change his pants. So when I say "let's go change your pants", he runs to the stairs and starts to climb up. Then when upstairs he runs to the boys room and flops on the mat I have on the floor to change him, rolls over on his back and giggles.

I think he is figuring out what we are doing and understanding more of what I say.


I had the boys out on the playset this week enjoying the sunshine. We found a lady bug and I picked it up and held it. Both of them were so afraid of it. Scared to death that I had a critter in my hand. It was too cute.

Dear Sweet Peas,

It is a joy to watch you discover your new world. I am so glad I can be part of your new world.

Love, Mom


  1. So precious :)
    Glad you all are doing so well. If you need anything, please let us know. You are still in our prayers that God will continue to help you all transition smoothly.

  2. It's so incredible to hear how you are bonding with and getting to know your new children. I had never considered the difficulties of incorporating adopted children into a family, especially when the children are older and speak a different language. It's so great to hear the progress they are making. I take joy in hearing about your adventures.

  3. It is amazing How God has designed our brains to pick up sooo many new things sooo quickly. Love it! How very precious these new moments are....savor them :)

  4. Adorable ~ what fun to be enjoying life through their eyes and hearts.

  5. Enjoy all those wonderful "firsts" and parenting little one moments.